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These pages are still under development! Please be patient with me as I have little free time :( If you want to read this page in another langauge, then why not take advantage of the AltaVista translation service by click on the images above?
~ An introduction to these pages

These pages are dedicated to supporting the Amiga Siamese System developed by Siamese Systems Ltd (previously known as HiQ Ltd). The purpose of these pages are to promote the Siamese System, whilst "telling it like it is". By this I mean no hype, no bullshit - just the facts as I see them. I would like to make it clear that I have no connection with Siamese Systems Ltd, but I simply believe in this excellent product. Unfortunately it seems that Steve has given up on the Amiga market and Paul has lost interest, now concentrating his efforts on Photogenics 4.x.

As I have developed these pages I have decided not only to cover the Siamese, but also to look at other solutions to integrate an Amiga and a PC. This will cover everything from file sharing over a serial link to setting up a NFS client/server over TCP/IP and installing a hardware based mouse/keyboard and video switcher.

~ What is the Siamese System?

The Siamese (SiSys from now on) is a software solution that allows an Amiga and a PC running Windows 95/98/NT4 to have a shared keyboard, mouse and monitor. In addition to this the Amiga is given access to the PC drives (including mapped network drives), is able to launch Windows programs from AmigaDOS or ARexx and both platforms have a shared text clipboard. In the current version (v2.5) communication between the computers is by either a serial connection or by TCP/IP - for example via ethernet, a serial null modem cable or (in theory) the Internet. Earlier versions of the SiSys came with a video switcher, but although still supported this has been dropped now in favour of RTG which allows Amiga screen to open on the PC display. For a more detailed overview of the SiSys, take a look at the developers web site which can be found here.

Alternative sources of information (known to me) on the Siamese include the following:

~ Siamese information


Weighing up the options of costs against performance


General installation notes relating to both serial and TCP/IP connections.

Serial connection

Installing a Serial connection. What's required.

TCP/IP connection

Installing an ethernet or null modem TCP/IP connection.


Configuring the SiSys.


An explanation of RTG, what is does and what it can't do!


Using the SiSys.


SiSys AmigaDOS commands.


SiSys ARexx commands.


Media Control Interface.


Troubleshooting and other helpful hints.


Setting up a shared SCSI drive.

3rd Party Software

Programs that enhance the SiSys.

~ Other solutions


The cheapest way to share files between an Amiga and PC.

Network PC

A commercial version of PC2Amiga.

Amiga Forever

Unlike the other two, this will let the PC access Amiga drives.

~ Making the most of your TCP/IP connection

WinGate / SyGate

Share the PC's internet connection with the Amiga.

IP-NAT / Socks5

Share the Amiga's internet connection with the PC.


Client/Server to share Amiga and PC drives, send and receive Winpop-up messages from the Amiga and more.


Print on your PC's printer over a TCP/IP connection.


Export PC drives and folders to the Amiga.

Remote Shell

Launch Windows programs from the Amiga, Amiga programs from Windows and more.

Time Synchronisation

Synchronise your Amiga and PC's clock.